The objectives of this organization are:
To create a medium of contact for children
which will stimulate growth and development
To provide for the children, constructive educational,
cultural, civic, recreational, health and social programs.


The aims of this nonprofit organization are:
To aid mothers in learning more about their children by careful study;
To seek for all children the same advantage which we desire for our own;
To support all national legislation aimed at bettering the conditions of all children.


Let’s work, let’s play, let’s live together!


To support the aims of the National Organization


Pink and Blue


Pink Sweetheart Rosebud


Jack and Jill of America Foundation, Inc. is the  philanthropic arm of
Jack and Jill of America, Inc.  Since its inception in 1968, the Foundation has
distributed  millions of dollars to communities all across America.  We support programs that not only create opportunities and challenges for children to learn and practice leadership skills, but also build leadership character in youth.  The ultimate goal of every Foundation grant dollar is to empower young people to make the right life choices. Our motto is “We do great things for kids. We encourage community organizations to apply for our Independent Grant.